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Stories of Healing

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The Story of Andrea


In May 2021 I was looking for help due to a health problem. I knew that I would not find this help in the national health system.

As an ACIM student, it was already clear to me that all healing must first take place in spirit. However, the problem seemed too difficult for me to solve on my own. I knew through Tina Spalding's spiritual network that Antoinette is a channel and an acupuncturist. So I asked Antoinette for a session. In the first two sessions, Antoinette gave me incredibly helpful tips from her experience as an acupuncturist and also supported me in choosing the appropriate aids.


Due to the understanding that I have gained from this and the exercises suggested by Antoinette, the situation has already improved significantly. In the following session, Antoinette then channeled Zequiel. He explained to me that my big problem is that I need to calm down and not be constantly on the move. Taking regular breaks is essential. It's still very difficult for me, but I'm still working on it. Since then we have had regular meetings. I have learned a lot over time about my relationships with my parents, grandparents and friends, my financial and health situation.


I now understand that difficult situations are reflections of my mind and the importance of accepting what has already happened. This understanding came about primarily through examples from my daily life that Zequiel used to illustrate. During one of these sessions, I received an energy healing after a bicycle fall with a bruised rib. And it was hard to believe, but after that all the pain was gone. The clarity that has grown over time and the increasing understanding in combination with the forgiveness work in the sense of ACIM has been reflected in my daily life since then. That's how a second horse came into my life, a wonderful two-year-old mare named Viora. As Zequiel says, she is full of light and brings that light wherever she walks.


Thanks to the confirmation from Antoinette and Zequiel, I dare to follow my inner guidance. I am about to move to a large property in the country where my horses will live with me right next to the house. And against the will of my ego, I follow my inner guidance and swap my economical electric car for a pick-up truck. There are still a lot of fears, but it feels very good. Thank you Antoinette and Zequiel for your wonderful support

Andrea N.


The Story of Diane Gilbert


My first connection with Zequiel truly began  the first time I heard the word ANDROMEDA while out for a walk one day last year. That one word sparked a journey of inquiry that led me to find Antoinette and Zequiel. My relationship with them has been deeply profound and life changing for me. The private conversations with both Antoinette and Zequiel have helped me to clarify my starseed mission, and to understand aspects of my journey and human life experience that were previously unclear to me. It has been a light and loved filled connection that has brought both expansion and healing to me. I am forever grateful!


As I prepared to leave for an extended trip to Florida in early August 2022, I learned through Antoinette that a portal was opening near Sarasota, Florida which connects to a City of Light. Sarasota has been well known by many spiritual seekers as a Crystal City of Light, and is reportedly one of 22 cities around the world that would be light-beacons and sacred sites for future generations on earth. According to Zequiel, this city exists on the etheric plane in another dimension "above" Sarasota. With the growing frequency of love and ascension energies growing on earth at this time, this portal near Sarasota is reopening. I was told that if I wanted to access the portal, I was to harmonize my energy in that frequency of love, and stay open to images, memories and feelings that might emerge while here.


My first experience occurred while walking along Siesta Key beach at sunrise. While walking barefoot along the shoreline, I felt transported to another time and place. There was a feeling of deep beauty, appreciation and loving intention. I felt connected to something much larger than myself, but that was the extent of my direct experience at that time. As the weeks went by, I kept a heart intention on connecting with the portal somehow, but didn't chase it or push to find it. I worked on raising my frequency and expanding my energy field, while releasing unloving energies from my being.


Over Labor Day weekend, I was inspired to go to a beautiful botanical garden in Osprey, Florida which sits along Little Sarasota Bay. The area is known at historic Spanish Point, and has ancient roots to ancient civilizations. It is unspoiled in its natural beauty. The afternoon I was guided to be there was very hot and sunny, but a piercing blue sky sat overhead.  When I arrived, to my great surprise and amazement,  I discovered that no one else was there! The place was supremely quiet, with only birds chirping, and the sweet sound of a light breeze rustling through the tropical landscape. I quickly felt a strong spirit presence, and had a simultaneous knowing that I was going to have something magical happen. It was clear to me that I was not alone, despite all appearances to the contrary.


In a previous session with Zequiel, he pointed out to me that everything is my life could be seen as a metaphor. I had learned that I was to bridge my Andromedan non-human aspects of me into my human experience. I was opening to more love, more self acceptance and more conscious contact with the higher realms.


Having never been to Spanish Point before, I clutched my map, and headed off into the sun drenched scenery to see what spirit had in store. As I came up around the first turn, I saw something unique and wonderous.There was a huge gateway with two columns on either side of the arch. The columns formed the number 11 on either side, and I recognized that it was an 11:11 gateway. There was an auspicious feeling in the air.






I was instantly excited and overjoyed by the grandeur and beauty, but also sensed something more profound. There was a lawn  sign that read: Classic Portal! I immediately started laughing to myself, and this giggle turned into a much heartier laugh. I said excitedly... "I found it!!! I found the portal!!" I started to jump around, skipping and laughing! Thankfully there were only some pileated woodpeckers nearby to observe the grand commotion I was making. I felt the joy, but didn't quite realize the enormity of what was unfolding.





I gathered my energy and focused my intention to walk through the gateway. I couldn't contain the joy, so I was not at all solemn or serious. It was simply a lovefest, and my energy was bubbling up bright and clear as I pranced through the arches. I said to myself as I crossed the threshold- "I am entering the City of Light!" Nothing looked the same after that. 





I didn't fully realize it at the time, but I had entered into another dimension in some form, although still in a 3D reality. A portal had opened that let me glimpse into another world. I was sort of lightheaded and floaty, but continued on, feeling a magical and sweet energy surrounding me.


I started to text with Antoinette who joined with me in understanding the magnitude and importance of what was unfolding. I felt her energetic love and support around me, which fully enhanced the experience. She texted me this: You found it! Deep bow of Andromedan thanks. Let's see what the City of Light brings toyou!" This message thrilled me and implored me to continue onward.


I meandered down a jungled path, and eventually came to a bridge that stopped me in my tracks. A friend later told me she thought it looked like the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz! This really resonated because I felt that I was about to be transported to a magical city I had never seen before, sort of like Dorothy heading toward the Emerald City. This moment standing at the end of the bridge really impacted me. I felt a surge of importance and reverence for what was unfolding. The tears started flowing and I allowed the love in my heart to release. I said aloud that I accept this invitation to cross more fully into this other realm. 








The awareness of being invited hit me in its magnitude. I paused for a moment in reflection and gratitude. As I made my way across the bridge, I felt less and less connected to my physical form. I felt light and free. I felt less attached to the 3D world, and had the experience of being elevated and lifted. 


For me personally, I recognized the metaphor of the bridge, and had simultaneous awareness that I was hybridizing and blending my existence as both human and non-human. I was both form and spirit... earth and heaven. The bridge was a metaphor about being in this world, but not of this world. I could exist simultaneously in both. The love within me opened this portal, and the great love from there extended the invitation to me to enter the City of light. It was truly a love fest!


 On the other side of the bridge, I found my way to a shaded bench near the shoreline of Little Saratoga Bay. It is the farthest accessible spot on the Spanish Point, and I was instructed to sit down and meditate. I took off my sandals and allowed my barefeet to rest upon the broken shells that lined the ground, creating a look of a magic carpet made of shells. I felt ancient energy seeping up through the ground and into the soles of my feet. I was transported!




Then I heard the rejoicing and celebration, along with these words: "Welcome Home!" The tears stated streaming down my face again. 

The warm, loving greeting felt like a hug from long lost family that had been separated from me for far too long. I had the realization that despite just selling my home, having my belongings in storage, and travelling around in nomadic fashion for the past few months,  I was finding home everywhere. Home is not really a place, in 3D or on the etheric plane, but rather, a state of consciousness. Home is a state of alignment with love.


What unfolded from here was a series of images, memories and emotions that are difficult to articulate. The beauty I observed was beyond description. The sense of belonging and the reunion with soul family melted my heart. The sense of peace I experienced could be likened to floating in a sacred pool of water blessed by the Gods. It really was a blissful and ecstatic experience. 





After a period of time in this delicious meditative state, I eventually felt a coming down to earth and returned to my body and to the bay. I was seeing through human eyes now, but sat quietly for a while in supreme gratitude for the blessing I had just received. 


I gathered up a few shells that sat at my feet as special momentos from the day. As I wandered back to the main entrance, I saw a sign that was in place for a special exhibit of some sort. Once again, I laughed and laughed at the profound meaning of sign. I figured spirit decided they would leave me an actual sign just in case I wasnt getting the message.The sign read: Seeing the Invisible.





The message was exquisitely clear. I had just seen the unseen. I glimpsed into a world invisible to human eyes, but visible to an open heart bathed in love. Love, in fact, opens portals. We are all invited. We need only align with love and set an intention. The ascension energies are well underway and bubbling up like an effervescent bubbling champagne glass. What else will we glimpse of the invisible as we rise higher and higher on this wave of love? I can't wait to find out!

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