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About Antoinette

I'm excited to share what I have learned from my decades of study and experience in Five Element Theory, Taoism and Acupuncture, as well as quantum energy theory, bio-functional medicine, shamanism, unity consciousness, and channeling. I am an energy channel and an intensive student of A Course in Miracles since 2009. I work with the assistance of higher consciousness to help people release blocks on their journey to ascension and 5D consciousness.

For more information about me, see www.antoinettefiumos.com

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About Zequiel

Zequiel is an extremely loving 9th dimensional nonphysical being, who enjoys visiting us here on the Earth plane. He has come through at this time to help humans grow, change, and evolve on their path of ascension into the 5th dimension.

Once upon a time, Zequiel experienced 3rd dimensional consciousness as well; not on Earth, but on a planet within the Andromeda galaxy. Because of that experience, he has great compassion and empathy for us in our current circumstances. He understands our blocks to love, and he enjoys helping us remove them so we can become whole and healed, and a divine communication device for God.

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About Team Z

Friends with Zequiel (FWZ) is organized around a community-based collaborative business model that is built upon love, inclusiveness, and expansion.  “Team Z” has no hierarchy and functions organically in the present moment (mostly!) with a flexibility that allows for creativity and change.  We are in the beginning stages of evolving and growing our team as we expand out the mission. Team members listed alphabetically.

+ Alison Black, Musician

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Alison is a violin teacher and performer, and an avid student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). As part of her health journey, she has recently come to know Antoinette and Zequiel and has been blessed with the mentorship of Maria Barnes. She is hugely grateful for the wisdom and inspiration she has gained through these relationships and is thrilled to be a part of Team Z. Alison is also a poet and is embarking on her first novel.

+ Antoinette Fiumos, Channeler

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As Channeler for Zequiel and the other guides and teacher he brings through for folks, I do what I can to keep the channel clear, strong and static free.  I practice forgiveness of my unloving thoughts and patterns on a daily, and sometimes, moment-by-moment basis so that I can be of clear mind and heart to the best of my ability.  As a Team Z member, I am committed to collaborate and include as many people as are interested in becoming a friend with Zequiel.

+ Felice Schwed, Merchandise Gallery Designer


Out of love and appreciation I gave Antoinette a Friends with Zequiel T-Shirt. She loved it so much, here I am! I get to express the love and peace I want to see in the world through Zequiel’s messages. I feel very grateful for that.

+ Francesca Camilleri, Newsletter Designer


Francesca Has known Antionette and Zequiel since 2020. She is a light language channel and devoted to healing, spiritual awakening and ascension. After a series of spiritual awakenings and she began to awaken her energetic and spiritual abilities and began to study a course in miracles.  She is keen to support others on their journey of ascension and assist in this sacred and special time and spread the FWZ mission to help others to benefit and heal as I have through the work so that as many people as possible can thrive in these times.

+ Kathleen Paliokas, Conceptual Creator and Operations Coordinator

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Kathleen has known Antoinette for 22 years and through their study of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) together, they developed a holy relationship that has evolved from an internal remembering that We are Love to developing and sharing ways to help others remember that for themselves.  Kathleen works closely with Antoinette and Zequiel on conceptualizing and building the infrastructure to implement FWZ’s mission and coordinates the overall collaborative operations of FWZ.  She is also the first step in development of the Chakra Healing Technologies by translating them from Zequiel’s transmissions into a draft visual rendering that our graphic and web designer, Sandra Manas, then brings into being.

+ Lisa Ricciuti, Channeling Liaison


Since 2005, Lisa has assisted Antoinette's acupuncture practice by taking care of all the business and client based needs outside the treatment room. A member of Team Z, Lisa works with Antoinette and Zequiel to hold space for clients as a mentor who is available to support each person as they deepen their personal and spiritual growth. Through the initiations of unlearning many unconscious belief patterns, Lisa is awakened into Love. Using sacred questioning and meditation, Lisa listens to her inner guidance and trusts that the path forward will emerge effortlessly. Lisa is inspired by the vastness of the universe and is alongside Antoinette and Zequiel to help communicate and connect this Love to others. Lisa is excited to be a part of Team Z and is thrilled to be available to each and every person as a communicator of the seen and unseen.

+ Maria Barnes, Videographer/Editor


Maria is a media professional and student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) who met Antoinette and Zequiel in 2020. As a two-time cancer survivor who put herself into remission from terminal cancer, Maria is dedicated to helping others learn how to heal themselves. She is honored to support the FWZ mission.

+ Sandra Mañas, Graphic and Web Designer


Sandra discovered Antoinette via Tina Spalding´s spiritual community network in 2021. On her very first session with Antoinette, Zequiel offered to mentor Sandra.  That was the start of a great friendship with Zequiel, Antoinette and the rest of the team. Sandra is in charge of the websites and all graphic elements needed to produce content. Sandra is a ACIM student, a photographer, mum of two beautiful girls and is based in Spain.

+ Willem Van Galen, Transcriber


While I’ve been interested in spirituality since my mid-twenties, things really accelerated in my early sixties when I discovered A Course in Miracles (ACIM) through Tina Spalding’s videos of the ACIM Workbook’s daily lessons. Via Tina’s Channeling Jesus Membership network, a little later I met many soul family members, including Antoinette. When I listened to a recording of her first public channeling of Zequiel, I was sold immediately by the deeply loving nature of their extraordinary partnership. I’m thrilled to have been invited to support their mission by making session transcripts, which I never seem to tire of.

+ Zequiel, ET messenger of Love

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As a Messenger of Love for this Team, I enjoy working with each one of the members. I guide and inspire them using synchronicity and direct messaging and guidance. Each Team member has a direct connection with me and together we collaborate on their part of this mission.  (Sketch of Zequiel courtesy of galactic paintress Angelica Stewart).


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