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Ambassadors of Love

Welcome to the Ambassadors of Love page!!


Ambassadors of Love are folks who are using what they have learned from Zequiel’s work to spread the light. We are co-creating a circular community that develops its own body of knowledge through the work we are doing on ourselves and then we share that knowledge. We emanate our light and offer our gifts to each other to help us get stronger inside and rise to our own power.  We grow by sharing and by feeding back light to one another and the world at large.

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+ Christiaan Baan, Netherlands

After I found a video on YouTube with Antoinette and Zequiel in it, I had to contact them.  Since then, we have had meetings on a regular basis and I feel the presence and guidance of Zequiel more and more every day. I’m a coach for entrepreneurs and teach the Chakra Healings Technologies (CHTs) to my clients to overcome negative thoughts or emotions. I started translating the CHTs into Dutch and added videos and intentions. You can find more about me on my website at

+ Chris Bosworth-Ursino, Washington, USA

Hi, my name is Chris Bosworth-Ursino and I am an Acupuncturist and student of A Course in Miracles. I have a passion for hands-on healing and spiritual learning, which led me to Antoinette and Zequiel, who I affectionately call ‘Zeke’! I invite him to assist in my patient appointments, where he lends inspiration to the treatments I give and reminds me to “be a reception tower for love.” I am dedicated to helping myself and others feel great in every way we can!  My website is

+ Casey Clark, Vermont, USA

Hello, I'm Casey Clark from Vermont. I have worked with Antoinette and Zequiel during regular sessions to help release negative beliefs and to remind me of what is good. I was guided to take the jump into homeschooling my kids, which has been an act of trust and has become a beautiful self-discovery process and family bonding. I'm now expanding into following my joys for making beaded jewelry and selling at local farmers markets.  I'm in the process of offering my beaded jewelry at the upcoming Friends With Zequiel shop! 

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+ Milly Van Praag-Lopez, Netherlands

My relationship with Zequiel began in 2020 during sessions with him and Antoinette; it was love at first “Light.”  To my great delight, I have started channeling him recently only for myself but I feel that I have passed the threshold to start channeling him for others to bring his love and his wisdom into the world of others.  So, with much joy and hopeful expectation I am ready to see what unfolds.  What if and why not?   As a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner, I feel this could be a marriage made in Heaven! Bye for now! 

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+ Erin Ramsey, Colorado, USA

My life has undergone significant transformations since working with Antoinette and Zequiel: I have discovered self-love and acceptance, my marriage is healing, I am a business owner, and I now lead a monthly women's group centered around healing through honest communication, listening, and the utilization of the Chakra Healing Technologies. We call ourselves the Starseed Women's group. My life is devoted to uncovering all my blocks to love.  I believe our ultimate purpose is to live as our truest selves; in doing that, we radiate our inner light and inspire others to do the same.

+ Vera Kovács, Hungary

Hello! I'm Vera Kovács. In 2021, after watching Antoinette on YouTube, I reached out to her and had a session with Zequiel. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. I had the opportunity to meet a humorous and cheerful Extraterrestrial guide, and I was fortunate to gain Antoinette as a friend who supports and loves me in various ways. Antoinette played a crucial role in my development as a channeler through our personal calls, and I also joined the Zequiel-inspired Emissary of Light group, which further contributed to my growth. I channel the group called the "Bringers of Light," offering spiritual mentoring in private sessions, utilizing my intuitive, psychic, claircognizant, clairvoyant, and mediumship abilities, as well as the Chakra Healing Technologies.

+ Sandra Mañas, Spain

Hello! I'm Sandra Mañas. I met Antoinette through the Channeling Jesus community and booked a session with her out of curiosity. It was a life-changing experience as Zequiel offered to mentor me. I am now part of the Emissaries of Light, a group of ladies mentored by Zequiel.  I am in the process of transcribing all my sessions with Zequiel and turning them into a wonderful book that I hope will help people overcome their fears and blocks, so they can be the most divine and glorious vision of themselves. I´m a photographer and website designer at

+Lelane Schmitt, Maryland, USA.

Zequiel’s words of wisdom have been a daily inspiration and guiding light for me.  Just about every relationship in my life is shifting as I put his tools into practice.  I am a certified professional life coach and am passing these gifts along to my clients, to support them as they unearth misbeliefs that have kept them stuck and, in so doing, discover their brilliance, their true Light, and a level of happiness and ease they’ve been longing for.  If you have interest in exploring coaching, you can reach me at  Coaching sessions are by phone, and the initial chemistry session is free of charge.  I’d love to connect with you!

+Rebecca Grant, North Carolina, USA.

I started A Course in Miracles nearly 5 years ago and as I rose, Antoinette and Zequiel popped up on my radar.  They gently nudged me out of my too small box and handed me a mirror.  They have lovingly helped me on my quest to my greatness. So now, I pay it forward.  I go out in to the world, or people come to me and I listen and observe and allow myself to be a communication device for God. Wisdom comes through and I offer what I hear.   I have tools which help me when there are no words.  The chakra healing technologies that Zequiel has taught me for my own healing… I can now share with others.  It’s amazing what happens when we truly see someone and hear them and allow them to have feelings. That’s what I do.  Email me at  Add Ambassador of Love to the subject line, and we’ll get started.

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+ Marianne Howard, Florida, USA.

Hello!  I started working with Zequiel and Antoinette in early 2023 at a time when I was having difficulty with family relationships because of my son’s cancer diagnosis as well as having many questions concerning my longtime vegan diet. It has been a very pleasant and helpful journey with these two beings. I look forward to each of my sessions with a pad full of questions. I always finish the sessions feeling so much better and happier!  I have been a teacher of yoga for about 20 years. Now, I enjoy bringing some of Zequiel‘s chakra meditations into my yoga classes to help raise everyone’s vibration and to help clean up their chakras. I am looking forward to wearing my new Zequiel t-shirt in the classroom in case someone wants to ask about extraterrestrials. I would like everyone to know that there are many of these beings that are very happy and highly evolved and would love to help us Earthlings also evolve.

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I directly channel a loving and benevolent nonphysical being named Zequiel. He has come through to folks in over a thousand private sessions. He provides loving guidance as a teacher of higher-minded truth from other realms of existence. He loves birds and pink colour.

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